This is my first year in my new school and so far I like it. I know I am very lucky to be here and not many people get this opportunity so I try to make the most of it. My options for the IB are higher History, Business management and Biology and standard French, Math and English. Last year in my Boarding school in England I took ESOL which is like learning English as a second language, so we learned how to write essays and we watched movies. This year English class is so different because we have to analyse things, and at the beginning of the year I found it really hard to do since I had never done that in my old school. However I started to learn how to properly analyse things, not only texts but also adverts and videos. I have genuinely become more aware of what surrounds me because of this and I think I used to live in a “bubble” before. I am a very naive person and I never really understood advertisement and now I can understand when something is fake. I know this sounds really stupid because I am 17 years old and people my age obviously already know this but this has really opened my eyes. And I love the fact that being more aware of this has helped me in general, in other subjects at school or in my everyday life. In class we looked at pathos ethos and logos and guerrilla marketing which I really liked. All in all I just keep learning.


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