Tomorrow is too far

It’s Tuesday the 1st of March, well at least that’s what you think. You don’t really know what to think anymore, it’s been 3 years since the incident and you’re still confused about everything, the people, your city even yourself. You don’t recognize yourself in the mirror in the morning, it just doesn’t feel like you on the other side of that “glass wall”. 3 years, well nearly, 1056 days to be exact, and you still can’t go to sleep without crying at night. As you slip into your bed at night all the memories come back and they’re as clear as if it happened yesterday. You remember the sweet smell of the summer night as you were thinking about what you were going to do at night with all your girlfriends, suddenly you hear someone run behind  you but you don’t think anything of it. And then something hits you and breaks, a glass bottle. You don’t understand but you immediately fall to the ground on your head and you become unconscious. Next thing you know, you’re in a dark room attached to a bed and someone forces a pill into your throat, you feel dirty fingers in your throat  and you almost throw up but you don’t have the strength to, finally you swallow it. You hear someone breathing next to you but you can’t see anything, your head hurts as if someone kept hitting on it with a hammer and you feel dizzy. Everything becomes distorted and you become unconscious once more, you wake up in a dark alley. You smell filth around you and you try to get up but you can’t. Everything seems blurry. You wait for 20 minutes but it seems like an eternity, finally you hear an ambulance and people coming to get you. You are reassured so you let yourself go and you don’t even care anymore. 3 days later you wake up with your family around your hospital, they all ask how you are and how you feel but you just want them to leave. They make you want to cry but instead you try to smile. Ever since then you live in constant fear, you’re scared when you’re alone or in public. It has sucked the life out of you, and as it invades you at night you hope that tomorrow isn’t too far.


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